This section states that by using the MarkhorICT website, customers agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions set forth by the company. It emphasizes that usage of the website implies acceptance of these terms and encourages those who do not agree to refrain from using the site. This section establishes the legal framework under which the website operates and informs users about their responsibilities while using the platform. .

Here, the company addresses the accuracy of product descriptions and acknowledges that variations may occur due to differences in device displays. It assures customers that if they are unsatisfied with their purchase due to these variations, they can refer to the return policy for resolution. This section aims to manage customer expectations regarding product representation and outlines the recourse available to them in case of discrepancies.

This section outlines the process of placing orders and making payments on the platform. It emphasizes the importance of providing accurate and complete information during the ordering process and clarifies that customers are responsible for all charges incurred based on the prevailing prices. By detailing the order and payment procedures, the company ensures transparency and sets clear expectations for customers regarding their financial obligations.

Detailed information about shipping methods, costs, and delivery times is provided in this section. Customers can refer to the Shipping Policy to understand how their orders will be processed and delivered. By offering clarity on shipping procedures, the company aims to enhance the customer experience and manage expectations regarding the timing and costs associated with receiving their purchases. .

This section asserts the company's ownership of all content on the MarkhorICT website, including images and text, which are protected by intellectual property laws. It informs users that any unauthorized use or reproduction of the content is prohibited and may result in legal action. By establishing ownership rights, the company seeks to protect its brand identity and ensure that its intellectual property is not misused or infringed upon by others.

This section limits the company's liability for damages arising from the use of its products or services. It states that MarkhorICT is not responsible for any direct, indirect, or incidental damages resulting from product use or the inability to use its services. By including this limitation of liability clause, the company aims to mitigate potential legal risks and financial liabilities associated with product-related issues. However, it's essential to note that such limitations must be reasonable and comply with applicable laws to be enforceable.

Here, the company reserves the right to update or replace any part of its Terms and Conditions as needed. It notifies users that changes to the terms may occur periodically and encourages them to check the website regularly for updates. This section ensures that users are aware of the dynamic nature of the Terms and Conditions and understand that their continued use of the platform constitutes acceptance of any revisions made. By providing notice of potential changes, the company maintains transparency and allows users to stay informed about their rights and obligations.