Since 2008, we've pioneered Software Development, Internet Marketing, Web Designing, and more. Our ethos revolves around customer satisfaction and technological innovation. With a steadfast focus on customer-centricity, we've cultivated a loyal client base sans formal marketing. Our team embodies the belief that the customer is paramount, consistently delivering value-added services. Through continuous training and a blend of technical prowess and creativity, we optimize systems for maximum efficiency. With a portfolio spanning diverse industries, we're poised to expand globally, offering long-term, ROI-driven solutions. Join us as we embark on our next chapter of digital empowerment.

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Core Members

Eixa Khan

Eixa Khan, the Managing Director of Markhor ICT, is a visionary leader with a profound understanding of technology and business. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Khan has demonstrated exceptional strategic acumen and leadership skills. Under her guidance, Markhor ICT has flourished, pioneering innovative solutions and fostering a culture of excellence and customer satisfaction.

Eica Khan


Afxar Ale Khan

Afxar Ale Khan, the CEO and Founder of Markhor ICT, is a dynamic entrepreneur renowned for his forward-thinking approach and entrepreneurial spirit. With a passion for technology and a drive for innovation, Khan has steered Markhor ICT to success, establishing it as a leader in software development and digital solutions. His visionary leadership and dedication to excellence continue to propel the company towards greater heights.

Afxar Ale Khan


Administrative Crew

Nacib Xada


Lokiman Khan

Admin UI/UX Designer

Eliyas Ahmad

Marketing Head

Ceehar Khan


Sarah Xhah

Information Depott

Muhammad Rahmon

Media And Protocol

Tehnical Crew

FaXal Wahid

Web Developer

Adnan Alee

UI/UX Designer

Syed Ahmad Hashemi

Software Developer